A Dying Forest
I took flight and flew over the damaged forest
Painted with the color of death like a tortured artist
Only to see my home that stood 300 feet high
Tortured cut threw until it collapsed and died
Forced to fly to the other side
Now instead of rain, ashes that look like small snow surrounds my eye
I see a thick red fire covering what was once a home that stood on its own.
I hear the screams of dying friends
The mysterious owl, who is burning alive protecting her kids.
What is happening? I do not understand the drawn out war between animals and man
Ironically, the battle field is over a piece of land?
They have murdered my son and daughter and captured my mother and father.
And poured thick black oil in my waters by the harbor
They have killed my desires and forced me to fly higher
Above the clouds and under the stars is the only sanctum where I can pause and think of the cause, while reflecting on my loss.
How could a country, which honors my name kill and destroy my family in vain.
Leaving me alone to deal with the pain
If the American Eagle stands for liberty then I need a new name