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Become a better you in three weeks

    Whether you believe your at the top of  your game or not, there will  always be room for improvement.  News Flash, we live in a transitional world that alters every day, new jobs, new technology, and new information seem to challenge our minds  more and more. The pressure for keeping up and staying fresh is becoming harder and harder each day,  so constantly improving ourselves has not only become a must, but  a lifestyle.  Many TV commercials and television ads pressure us to improve our smile, weight, and physical appearance.  It’s becoming increasingly important to look and act your best to be accepted in society today.  But instead of focusing on what everyone else thinks will make you happy; why not focus entirely on improving yourself. Become a better you in three weeks is a process that will challenge you to take a close look at yourself and change for the better.

It takes approximately twenty one days for someone to change a habit, so the process for becoming a better you should be broken up into three weeks. The first week should be your self- analysis week, followed by a call to action in the second, and your last  is going to be the week where you embrace your new found change. Everyone has their own giant to conquer in life, but only few really succeed at it.  Our bad habits often enslave us to what seems like a never ending cycle, but that ends now.  Take back control of your life and decide to become a better you now.

First Week: Self Analysis-  This week will be more of a study guide week for you to take self-introspection of yourself. To get  anywhere in life you must first know where you currently are; it’s similar to a GPS system, to navigate to a new destination the device has to communicate with a satellite to pin-point it’s exact location.  This week I want you to be hard on yourself and very truthful.  You see, the truth hurts, but most people are not hurt because they are secretly in denial. In this week I don’t want you to change anything, but I do want you to take a close examination of your unique patterns and habits.  This week will be an observant week only; it’s a week to really define who you currently are and where you stand. Ultimately, this will be a preparation week for you, more like  a direct call to action.  You need to write a detailed strategy about how and what you will change about yourself.

Second Week: Take Action- This is the week when you take action.  There will be no excuses in this week. If your plan says to wake up at 5:30am every morning to exercise, then it’s time to get off your butt and push yourself. You have to start getting into the habit of doing exactly what you say.  This week will be tough for you because it will be your first attempt to change something about yourself,  and like I said before change doesn’t come easy.  In this week you will need to complete at least 95% of what’s on your list or plan for it to work out for you properly.  This will be the week where you create something new, so be patient when first introducing yourself to a new way of thinking.Expect minor drawbacks, fear and anxiety, and a sense of inadequacy in this week, but the more you push through, the better off you will be.

Third Week: Embrace the Change-  This week should carry on far beyond its completion.  You must embrace the new found you, and try at all cost to stick with it and not falter. Remember, changing is never easy, and will be very uncomfortable at times, but with perseverance and diligent work you can change for the better  and own a new life style for yourself.  If you allow it, this week can be your hardest week to maintain so make sure you are genuine and serious about becoming a better you, otherwise you will waste time. Never forget that change is necessary and almost mandatory because without change there can be no improvement.

Thank you for reading become a better you in three weeks. Now get out there change something!

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