Change your mind change your habits

Many people have such a hard time breaking habits, it’s like they are stuck in a perpetual cycle of wrong thinking that produces the outcome of a bad habit. Let’s define the definition of a habit: an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary. Now what creates those patterns of behavior? Surprisingly, what creates certain behaviors is the way we think or perceived things. Everything we carry out throughout the day whether it’s a pattern or not is first created in the mind, and subsequently manifested through our actions. So if you’re stuck in a habit that you’re trying to be release from then the best and most effective thing you need to do is change your mind. You must change your paradigm of thinking.

    There are many advantages and disadvantages about being a human being from an emotional stand point, but the good thing about being a human being is unlike any animal, we get to choose to create a new path of living. So ultimately we can choose to change our minds about a particular circumstance. Now don’t get me wrong, people change their minds about habits all the time, but still manage to find themselves stuck in the same mess. Why is this? Well for one, changing our minds is not enough; it has to be followed with discipline and a desire to change. It has to be your anti-venom in response to the venom (habit) that’s controlling your life. Therefore your desire to break free has to be just as strong or even stronger than the habit that you’re trying to break. You have to lift up a standard based on the power of your habit, so if that means seeking help from a psychiatrist, turning yourself in to rehab, cancelling out all bad influence in your life, or isolating yourself to fix a habit then do so. Habits come in all shapes and sizes, so what’s considered wrong in your life may not necessarily be a problem in someone else. Ultimately, everybody has their own unique bad habit that they want to conquer, so we must take self-introspection of our lives, and with the right discipline, desire, and new way of thinking, we can eventually change our behavioral patterns thus creating a healthy new pattern of living.