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     It’s this fear that binds and holds us back in life. Fear is nothing more than an exercised imagination that favors negative thinking. Usually when we fear we give power to our imaginations. So fear is nothing more than a thought, yet we make it real. We make it manifest in our lives believe it or not. We decide to believe in the unseen and view circumstances from a negative point of view. We ultimately doubt our unique potential. Fear is like an invisible jail cell with bars all around it preventing you from escaping. In reality, your body is free to do what it wishes, but if your mind is locked up then your body will only go so far. That’s why there is so much emphasis on changing the mind because anything we perform is first decided in our mind. Even the bible states that we are changed by the renewing of our minds.

     Make no mistake, fear is an ultimate weapon used against us in the heat of battle. The devil is sure to use this weapon as often as you let me. Key phrase, Let Him, we are all managed by what we put up with or are willing to take; this is where fear’s boundaries begin and end. It’s really not difficult to grasp, fear imprisons us, but there is always an escape. We don’t have to live in fear and we were not made to fear, but to conquer life; hence why the human race has conquered this planet in a short time. We could not have done that without the necessary confidence and courage to overcome. A conqueror is not fearful; he is fearless and relentless in his actions. I’m not saying he doesn’t get afraid, we all do, but he does not let fear rule him or worst rule his life.  Don’t let fear hinder your progress in life and always remember that other people depend on your confidence to release them from their own fear. Rather we realize it or not, we are all connected to each other, and when you fail to step up to the plate in life, then you fail to encourage that person who needed to be motivated at that time. Don’t let fear break the chain of blessing that is meant for you and others.

Don’t let fear kill your dreams–

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