As I walk down the valley of darkness I managed to capture a glimpse of light from above.
It’s funny how life throws us hard time, but God always has an escape plan should we choose to follow the signs.
We are apart of a chain of energy that is forever renewed.
The same energy that God used to make the stars is in each and every one of us,
So who are we to question our own unique greatness?
Who are we to doubt what we can and are suppose to become?
If a star’s light can burn every second of the day for billions of years, then tell me why we can’t let the light inside of us shine and burn for a short century?
Too many question but not enough answers
Too many broken dreams, not enough faith,
Who are we to question the power of God and rely on our own beliefs as a guide?
We should cherish the days and not take all that we have for granted.
Instead, show the utmost gratitude for your possession of life; when days are good and even when days are bad.
Smile when you’re happy and pray when you’re sad.
Now I stand still and stare at the light from above as it gleams down the front of my face.  I begin to pray as the light reflects off my gloomy eyes.
Who am I to have doubt, fear, and not believe in what I cannot see?

For under God our power is unlimited, forever burning— Burning inside of you and me