How to attract women: It’s not always the way you look

After answering many questions about this topic, I’ve come to the conclusion about how looks can affect a guy’s chances with picking up women. So listen up because this article is important. Now guys I can’t say this enough, you don’t have to look like Brad Pitt or Will Smith to acquire the woman you want. Now being good looking does help and will get you in the door, but it certainly won’t keep you there. I’ve seen countless amounts of regular guys who are not up to par in the appearance department (Below 5) get the women of their dreams. So guys don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t get women because you’re ugly or not on the same level she’s on. Now as far as different level go, guys you must understand that most women use makeup products to boost their facial appearance, so when you think you looking at a ten, think again because you may be glancing at a seven.

Guys it’s not the way you look that keeps women around you, it’s the way you carry yourself, how confident you are, what type of personality you have, and what you believe is possible for you. Women thrive off of attraction, not necessarily the way you look, and if you’re a very attractive person then women will be drawn to you not knowing exactly why. So how do you become the more attractive to the opposite sex even though you’re not the best looking guy on the block? I’ve broken this down to three key factors that will help you win every time with women.


1)      Your ConfidenceGuys this will be the trait that makes or breaks you. If you’re not content with who you are and suffer from low self-esteem, then sorry to say, you’re going to lose every time with women. All that low self-esteem really signifies is that you have a low view point of yourself, so to change your perception, you must start to view yourself as someone of value even if you can’t see it yet. You have to become someone who is not afraid to be himself around other people. Confident people tend to focus more on their positive traits, rather than their negative traits. We all have negative trait, but they don’t have to define who we are. Practice being more confident by being more sure of who you’re as a person. Write down a statement on paper that reminds yourself how confident and valuable you’re, and then list all your positive qualities. So when you finally talk to a beautiful woman don’t just assume but know that you have something valuable to offer. I’d rather you be confident and a bit arrogant then to be passive and unsure of yourself.


2)      Your Style Okay guys it’s time to hit the clothing stores and spend some money. It’s time to create a new style or perfect your current one. The way you dress is very important in the dating and business world. A guy who dresses very professional instantly provides value to himself. He indirectly and directly tells people that he’s about his business and is confident in who he is. It’s been said that people who usually dress very well and unique are rarely single. So if you grade yourself as an average or below average dressing guy, then learning how to dress well will not only boost your appearance level, but increase your chances with snagging beautiful women. How do I know this? Well there was one time when I was rejected by this beautiful woman at a club, simply because of my choice of clothing. I would later try to talk to the same girl at a different location with a different outfit on and she couldn’t keep her hands off me. So yes that proves that the way you dress can possibly make or break you, so make your style a priority.


3)      Your PersonalityGuys your personality represents your social identity. Most people form their own unique personality by interacting with varies people throughout their life. The problem with people who don’t seem to have a good personality is that they usually have bad social skills or social anxiety issues. Your personality will be your best and most useful attribute in attracting women so you have to make sure you have one. Women love guys who can hold a great conversation and will challenge them to think outside the box. If you believe you don’t have a good personality and lack character then maybe you need to take a self-introspection month where you analyze your habits and the way you perceive things and force a change in your life. I find the best way to form a better personality is to find a new life. We give out to the world what we take in, so if you’re not receiving anything new into your life, then what makes you think you’re going to be able to hold a good conversation with anybody. So I encourage all guys suffering from personality disorders to step outside their box to meet new people and do new things in life. Women love to have fun so keep your life current and interesting and eventually your personality will expand.