To be truly successful with women you have to really understand and know everything about them, right? Wrong! First of all, you must understand that you will never truly understand a woman and to be honest with you it’s better that way. Women are very complicated, and if you’re always chasing their thought process you will go insane.  Instead of trying to understand their every thought pattern, why not just sit back and learn their common habits, things that they do over and over again. A woman can have twice as many thoughts in a day than any guy. Guys, when you’re in the dating stage never chase or try to over analyze a woman’s motives. If a woman genuinely wants you, then she will usually let you know.  As I stated before, it’s not very wise to follow a woman’s every thought, but for the sake of learning a little more about women, I will share some important fundamentals about them.

Men and women are built differently. A woman is ruled by her emotions, not to say that she doesn’t analyze things too, and a guy is ruled by his mind and logic. What you think is not necessarily what she feels, and what she feels is not necessarily what you think. This is the reason why relationships can be so confusing at times because partners really don’t have a good grasps on how each other operate. Guys who are very successful with women are not mind-readers, and more than likely don’t know what the next woman is thinking. You see, it’s not so important to know what a woman is thinking as to having a plan of action. Guys who women love don’t care what a woman is thinking; their job is to convince the woman that being with them is better than being alone or with another guy. Guys when you first meet a woman your job is to date and get to know her. Don’t think too much into the dating process just go out and have fun, let her do all the thinking and feeling. The simpler you make a date the easier it is for both parties.


Overall, most women will choose you based off who you are, not what you look like. Although its possible, don’t think you will get the best looking woman being a hundred pounds overweight, wearing torn up clothes and your breath smelling like hot garbage. You have to be realistic in your thinking and your actions. I’m all for improving guys to be the best men they could possibly be; therefore, I will not lie and tell you that you will get every woman you desire. Now there are common traits that women look for in a man. Don’t be naïve and fall for the saying, “I just want a nice guy.” When a woman says that phrase, then what she’s really saying is I want a nice guy who is also a real man.  In other words, they want a little of everything. Listen closely! They want a man who can be nice, but who is also assertive. They want a man who will sacrifice his time, but who will also make time for himself.  They want a man who is sensitive when the time presents itself, but also confident and courageous most of the time. They want a dreamer, but also someone who makes things happen. They want a man who will hold them when they are sad, but who will put them in their place when they are out of line. Speaking of putting a woman in her place, women don’t respect guys that they can control. I promise you that you will have a harder time in your relationship if your woman doesn’t respect you as a leader. It’s just like a dog and his master. Please don’t get me wrong I am not comparing women to dogs, yet I am showing you the importance of leadership.  Some dog’s personalities are like wolf packs, where there will be only one alpha male.  If your dog sees himself as the alpha male of the family, then you will see a more stubborn dog. You will see a dog who only listens when he feels like it, a dog that’s more aggressive than normal, a dog that will bite the hands that feed him, and a dog who will run away.

Now what about a dog that sees you as an alpha male? A dog that is second in command has a much easier life filled with obedience and respect. These are the police dogs that you see on TV running down criminals. These are the war dogs that you see fighting for our country. These are the see-and-eye dogs that you see helping people who are visually impaired. These are the family dogs who are great with children, but also fearless against strangers.  This is the advantage of being the alpha male in your dog’s eyes. Ultimately you and your dog will have a much happier life.  Now guys again don’t get me wrong I’m not comparing dogs to women. You can put 50 dogs together, and they won’t equal to one woman. What I’m trying to say is that women are attracted to leadership and will naturally want a man to take the lead. Overall, they want a man they can depend and lean on when they are in need. Having that sense of protection and security is enough for any woman, always remember that.

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