Having confidence in today’s society can be pretty hard to come by.  In this new fast paced digital age, stress and anxiety can easily become a norm.  Life is not as simple anymore, point blank. It’s not unusual for an individual to go to sleep at 1am only to have to wake up at five am to go to work.  Antidepressants and anxiety pills are at an all-time high, and therapy sessions have tripled in the last ten years.  What has happened? Why do we seem to be losing confidence in ourselves as a society?  Like I’ve mentioned before, life is a lot harder nowadays so pressure to fit in, provide for our families, and succeed in our career life has become a lot tougher.  With all this new added on pressure, people are easily losing self confidence in those areas of life.   When people lack confidence they often lack direction and desire in life, and tend to have a harder time progressing and getting ahead.  They find themselves in a pattern of negative thinking which creates doubt, fear, and low-self-esteem.   In this article I will show you how to build self confidence in three steps. Your self-confidence is one of your most important character traits and usually plays a crucial role in every aspect of your life.


Step 1 Name it Claim it: In the first step you will name your problems and claim them.  Many people never truly correct their problems because they are in denial.   It’s time to be truthful with yourself and name everything that you lack confidence in.  Create a list of every problem you face and how you think it started.  Many problems that we face today are direct links from our child hood, so it’s important that you start there then move on toward your adult life.   The most important questions that you need to ask yourself in this step is why you lack confidence in a particular area of life and what can you do to fix or change  where you tend to be weaker.


Step 2 Change your mind:  I will not sugar coat this, but I’m sorry, this stage will be a challenge for you.  It’s always difficult to change our mind and the way we think because we as a species are naturally prone to making habits. When we change our minds we ultimately change our paradigm of thinking by shifting our thoughts to incorporate a new belief system.  Fear and the lack of confidence are always based off of perception, what you fear is not what the next person fears. Ultimately, If you want to see change in your life then you must first change your mind and then everything else will change.


Step 3 Take action:  In this stage you will take action to conquer your fears so it may take some time at first.  Let’s face it, nobody can change from Clark Kent to Superman in a matter of days, so take as much time as needed.  Also in this stage I want you to work on at least two areas where you lack confidence in.  For example, if you have fears speaking in front of large crowds that you want to overcome, then you’re going to have to focus on getting as much face time in front of people as possible.  You can start off with small groups, and then eventually move on to larger ones.  Public speaking training and signing up with your nearest toast master club will greatly help you out with speaking in front of people confidently.  There’s really no secret when it comes to overcoming your fears and becoming more confident so don’t look for a magic formula. The most effective way to overcome your fears and become more confident is to recognize what’s wrong and take action to conquer what has oppressed you. Take what I like to call a power month where you face at least one or two fears a week. Ultimately, in this month you will get out of your comfort zone and try something new, and with hard work and dedication you will eventually find that gaining self-confidence is very achievable and fun.


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