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 If you think writing and publishing a book is hard then think again. Writing a book is very easy nowadays, and can be an efficient source of income if you work at it hard enough. Whether you are creating an eBook or an actual book; you can now pretty much do it yourself. No more middle man companies publishing and selling your book and giving you low profits in return. In this article, I will show you how to write and publish a book in three steps.

This article is a bit lengthy, but the information here will be very useful and profitable to you.


Step 1 Write Write Write:  In order to create a book you have to write constantly. Some people have a harder time writing and coming up with ideas than others, but it may be an atmosphere issue or lack of concentration. What I found that creates an easy writing environment is a quiet, warm room with minimal lighting. I would suggest a cup of coffee and water to drink, along with a small snack. Surprisingly, the best time to write is 30 minutes after a good workout because you now have more oxygen and blood flowing through your brain. 

   People who write after daily workouts find it easier to write and come up with creative ideas. Now, If you want to write a book in a significant amount of time, then you will have to write at least one hour a day, no exceptions. If you can’t think of anything to write or have no clear ideas, then write something down anyway. Your writing may not make sense, but it gets your mind moving. If you tend to have writers block more times than often, then you need to read more books, and write more in your spare time.

 It is also good to talk to friends who challenge your intellect because they will give you ideas whether they realize it or not. You must always remember that your brain is a muscle that needs to be worked out and fed daily, so if you’re not doing anything beneficial for your brain then don’t expect it to produce anything significant.



Step 2 Edit your book:  There’s nothing worse than releasing a book that has not yet been edited. I’m sorry, but there are just things about your writing that you will miss that other people may not. My best advice for getting your book edited is to contact an editing company and have them fully edit your book. Now depending on your word count, prices will vary.

     The average price for getting your book edited by a professional editing service is about 500-800 dollars, so save your coins. If you want to go the cheaper route then I would suggest that you outsource, seek a freelancer, or go with a less professional online editing service.  www.odesk.com is a cheap, but effective website that will help you get your book edited.  It has thousands of freelance and out-sourced workers who will edit your book for dirt cheap prices. 

     Now If you decide to get your book edited by a friend or even if you want to edit it yourself, I would recommend you use proofreading and editing software to help you check your work.  You can buy proofreading software or pay monthly for online editing services.  They both have their advantages and disadvantages.  If you decide to purchase editing software, then I would purchase and use white smoke writer (www.whitesmoke.com). This is a onetime purchase software deal so once you buy it you have it for life; it’s a great software that integrates with Microsoft word, so it edits while you’re typing. If you decide to go with an online service, I would choose www.Grammarly.com. You will have to pay a monthly fee, but you can access this service from anywhere and on any computer with an internet connection.


Step 3  Publish:  Now publishing your book can either be difficult or easy depending on who you or what you know.  If you decide to go through a conventional publishing agency, then I suggest you seek a literary agent first. Literary agents are like small representatives who find the right publishing company for you. It sure beats the hell out of submitting your book to hundreds of publishing companies only to be rejected 95% of the time. Literary agents have strong connections with publishing companies and will have a much better chance of getting a book published then you will alone. 

     Now if you decide to publish a book yourself ( self publish) then there are certain websites strictly made for self-publishing. These websites come with different packages, as far as cover design, editing, and book formation go, but the similar aspects about them is that you do everything yourself.  You upload your document and format it in the style you wish. You set the price for which you want to sell your book. You get to choose your own cover design or can go with the selection the website offers. Not only can you sell your book off their website; you can also buy your own book prints for dirt cheap prices and sell them at the price you want.

     Another great feature that self-publishing companies offer is that they give you the ability to create eBooks to sell on your own or on popular websites such as Amazon and Barnes and nobles.  EBooks are very effective nowadays and since 1out 5 people have some type of eBook reader application or device, you can make a ton of money just writing simple eBooks.



 Here is a list of self-publishing websites that will help you publish your book in no time.



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