Pass the bars in the prison I looked to the sky and asked my self why 
Why should I smile to cover up an already broken heart?
How to love, how to cherish, but how to forget is something I never thought.
You told and showed how much you loved me but I saw
You sat me down and explained why you cared, but I saw
You smiled with me and strengthen my weaknesses, but I saw
You caressed my feelings, and assured my love, but I saw
It sunk me like a battered vessel lost out at sea
I saw you kiss her lips with passion, much longer than you would have kissed me
I felt deceived, tricked, and betrayed
It was all deception, but mostly it was the game you played
You told me you loved me, but you really didn’t
The marriage vows were clearly tangible, but to you they were never written
The good fruit of our new marriage was never bitten
I told you I would only marry once and divorce is out of the question
If you would have listened then, you would have understood the lesson.
You should have never told me you slept with her; I did not want to know
Now I feel dark and empty like the crow that flew beside Edgar Allen Poe. 
Death and suicidal thoughts encapsulated my mind.
Thoughts of revenge, and murder managed my time
So amidst the fog in my head, I created the perfect crime
It was Sunday, our Anniversary
You both pulled up as I was leaving.
Our anniversary was also your birthday so I knew it would be a special evening
I hid in the bushes and watched both of you walk through the door
Why do dreams fade away and ultimately we all need help?
Why do I feel so alone in the world with nobody else?
I sat in the bushes and watched the wine that stood on the shelf
Eventually they would go to the kitchen to drink from the already half drunken wine
And as they were toasting triggers of excitement went off in my mind
I waited for an hour while destiny took it’s time, and soon both would fall on their side
I went inside and stood over my dead husband; he had blood coming out of his mouth
I then went around and poured gasoline all over the house
Then I prayed over my husband and wished him the best
Then flipped him over and put my ring and an empty box of rat poison on top of his chest
I headed to the door, looked back one last time and threw a match on the floor then left.