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Why I,Robot should never become a reality


It was July of 2004 when I first saw the movie I,Robot.  The movie was an absolute hit, and gave me a new prospective on robotics.  For the people who didn’t see I,Robot, I will give you a quick synopsis. I,Robot is a futuristic movie taking place in the year 2035; it’s a time period where AI( Artificial Intelligent) robots act as personal servants to men, and to make a long story short, the robots turn on their creators.  At the end of the movie, actor Will Smith successfully placed nanites (submicroscopic robots designed to perform medical functions to robotic systems) into the main robot( VIKI) killing her subatomic systems.  After watching this sci-fi thriller, I wonder if we could ever keep robots as personal servants. Now indeed we kind of already have robots as servants. Our cars, home appliances ( dishwasher, washer/dryer, microwave est..) cellphones, and computers act as personal servants to us, but what if were really able to buy an artificial intelligent robot capable of performing advanced tasks such as walking to Starbucks and purchasing a cup of coffee. How awesome would that be?  The things that I could do with my own personal robot slave; paying the bills, taking the kids to school, and cooking would become that much easier as well. But just as I was thinking of all the good things, I thought about the movie again and realized that having a personal AI robot would be the biggest mistake of man-kind.  In the movie the robots were all bound by three laws stating that by no means could they ever harm a human being, but one robot chose to by-pass the laws and eventually caused a rebellion against man-kind.  In our current world, surprisingly, I wouldn’t be so much worried about robots taking over as much as I would be worried about people managing them in general.  If people were able to buy AI robots for servant duties, I believe it would not be longer than sixty days before one wise guy learn how to hack the robotic system and has it doing God knows what.  Think about it, do you currently own an anti-virus software for your computer or have you had your identity stolen? I’ve had both done to me a few times. The world as we know it is full of hungry hackers waiting for opportunities to hack advance systems, and putting robots in the hands of common everyday people would be for lack of better term stupid and dangerous.  Imagine getting robbed and thrown 20 ft. into a wall by a robot; the thought is a bit terrifying to say the least. We as a species are just too curious and will turn something meant for good into a weapon of mass destruction. Sadly, despite the movie and my unique opinion, we are getting closer to that day where AI robots will roam the earth. Do you think we are ready?  Please let me know how you feel about possible robot servants in the near future.