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Is peace free or does is come with a price

Peace is a state of harmony characterized by the lack of violent conflict. I indeed believe peace is the opposite of violence, but based on the world’s history peace only comes after a conflict.  Our world has been shaped and molded by wars and political problems.  Peace tends to be the result of a positive compromise, or an absolute takeover.  Where you see peace you will always see the past problem if you look hard enough.  Peace is also integrated with fear and power. For example, not many countries will launch an all out offensive attack on the USA, simply because they fear how the USA will retaliate. They have knowledge about the USA, and know what this nation is capable of, thus creating a healthy fearful respect.  If there was an all out world war, I’m not saying that the USA will win, but most countries, if not all, will not pick a fight with the USA for no reason.  Why is this? The USA does not have a massive army like china, and the country is fairly new. The reason for all the respect is that the USA has shown itself to be a fearless and powerful nation from past wars. What ended World War 2? It was two Atomic bombs that were dropped in Japan that did the job. No country in the world had seen that type of bomb at the time, and the USA was the first to produce and use it. Nowadays many other countries have nuclear bombs, but the USA still holds the most respect because they not only created it first, but they were the only ones to ever use one against another country during war.  These few brave actions have created peace for this country for some time now. Although the USA has had a few skirmishes here and there, no country has declared an all out war against them in 60 years. So in essence, peace does come with a price.  What we must remember is that just like respect we have to earn peace. If you are experiencing conflict in your life rather it’s internal or external, remember that a point of action(war) has to occur if you want to change your problem from negative to positive.  If you want peace you will have to confront your problems head on and take the necessary sacrifices in order to defeat your unique adversity.

So ask yourself is Peace free or does it come with a price?


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