Life As We Know It

From the scarlet red hills of Tennessee
To the cold dark depths of the black sea
From the majestic white mountains of the Himalayas
To the dry mystical Uluru rock of Australia
Life flourishes high and low
 And flourishes above and below
There is no limit to the pain life can bring
Just like there’s no price to how precious life can seem.
Life is a middle road surrounded by the roads we should and should not take
Therefore life is about numerous decisions that we ultimately chose to make
Life has the past, present, and future packaged all into one
For how we walk our journey we incorporate all of them
We advance from the past by learning unique lessons
And dream of the future while we walk in the present
You See, life is filled with ups and downs
Hence some days you will laugh other days you will frown
It’s just like swimming in water, while learning not to drown
Life can kill you too, so at least learn how to smile
Life is short, as people die every day
And for those of us who are still living, we’ll eventually die someday
So live your life, don’t let anyone stand in your way
And if God is your judge, it doesn’t matter what the jury has to say
Just remember, if you sow it, you will surely reap it
So if you’re living a positive life always try to keep it that way
And if you’re living a negative life, then life will eventually show it
This is Life, Life as we know it.

LIFE AS WE KNOW IT "Inspirational Poem"