Have you ever wondered why some guys always seem to attract women and look sharp everywhere they go? Well, the truth is guys who dress better and look sharper are usually high confident individuals who prosper in life. This is why it’s so important to look your best as often as possible. First of all, looking your best starts on the inside, you must tell yourself every day that you are someone and that you have a unique purpose. I have come to realize that you don’t have to be the best looking guy around, but you must try to look the best that you can possibly look. Many guys can instantly become more desirable to women if they constantly pride themselves in looking their best. It’s all about staying on your A -game if you ask me. ( A Game- Looking and feeling your best. )

The problem with looking your best is that many guys have no clue how to achieve that type of personal appearance level. They don’t know what type of hair style fits them. They can’t even find a clue on how to dress or find clothes that fits them properly. They tend to use one pair of shoes for every event, and their personal hygiene is terrible on a daily basis. Guys if you expect to succeed with women in our current civilization, you have to master the art of looking your best. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fair, ugly, or good looking guy because all that means nothing if you don’t look your best. Believe it or not, I’ve seen ugly guys out shine the best looking guys simply because they were on their A game in the appearance department. So the major question here is what does it take to look your best? Well if I were your coach I would break this up into five determining steps.

Step 1) Hygiene: Make sure you keep a good hygiene regiment. I would suggest that you shave every other day, use deodorant and cologne, and for God’s sake brush your teeth twice a day, it makes a huge difference. Women love guys who practice good hygiene, and will easily appreciate it more the closer you get in their face.

Step 2) Clothes: Okay guys it’s time to save up some money and go clothes shopping. You will need to buy yourself at least three pants and six or seven shirts. Your shirts should always out number your pants unless you’re buying suits.

Step 3) Shoes: Next guys it’s time to invest in at least two pairs of nice shoes. I would suggest that you get a pair of comfortable shoes that you can wear with almost anything. Also, I would get some nice dress shoes that will compliment your suits.

Step 4) Bling: Alright now it’s time to add some extra appeal to your wardrobe. I would suggest you buy yourself some sunshades that fit your face properly. Too big says your trying too hard, to small just looks weird. I also suggest you buy a very nice watch that will compliment whatever you have on. Guys, believe it or not, having a sharp pair of sunshades and a nice watch will add value to your image.

Step 5) Hair style: This is the most important step. It’s time to step your hair game up. If you’re a couple of strains away from being bald, then it’s time to let it go and sport a new bald MR. Clean style look. If your hair tends to be messed up more times than not, then it’s time to change your style. If you hate doing your hair then it’s time to sport a new low cut with less maintenance. If you’ve been sporting the same low cut since high school then it’s time to grow some hair and try something new. Ultimately guys, take about six weeks to experiment with your hair to see which style works best for you.

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