I stand all alone on this cold mountain top
No one around I know to comfort me
No one around to talk to me 
I have walked a long journey through out life, 
And hit many boulders where I asked should I go or stay
Its funny when you decide to go, you actually decide to lose friends along the way 
The person I am now is not the same person I was back then
So the mistakes I’ve made before I will try to never make again
It’s called rearrange, to identify your problems and make effort to change
But now I am alone, looking down on the earth by myself 
What happened? Why am I alone? Where is everyone else? 
At the bottom it’s so crowded but at the top it’s so lonely 
Did I work too much? Did I neglect the friends I loved?
They are not with me and we don’t have much in common anymore 
I guess this is what happens when you decide to take the road that’s less taken
It sorted out the real dreamers from the ones who were faking
This is the cause and effect of the decision I chose
My friends were not in the same car
Not even on the same road