My Journey across the Galaxy

Leaving this Small blue planet I once called home

Journeying across our galaxy with no TV, no radio, and no phone,

Just me and my notebook all alone.

I decided to visit a planet that shines brightest in Earth’s sky

To a cloudy planet that’s hidden behind a lie

This hot orange planet was definitely worth the ride

I looked out the space ship window to see Venus outside.

I eventually leaped to the other side where Mercury hides

The smallest planet in our solar System all in disguise

It looks like our own moon that’s ready to die

I sprinted away from Mercury, Venus and Earth, and eventually flew pass mars,

And witnessed this bright red planet damaged with scars.

Not easy to find almost out of sight;

It was discreet and somewhat warm; a perfect place to harness life.

I cruised over the asteroid belt where millions of asteroids floated.

A humble section of rocks joined together like blocks

Floating peacefully across their unique section of space

I dashed in to light’s speed going into the future like I took a slight lead

I’m headed to a planet that’s one and 100th the size of our star

A planet that makes the sun wobble when looked at from a far

The first of the Jovian planets,

Jupiter, looking at the huge storm the size of earth

They say this planet shined the brightest in the sky on the day of my birth.

After watching Jupiter there was a planet that was next on my mission

Perhaps the strangest planet in all of our solar system.

Saturn, a vast dense  body filled with a blue Danish coat.

If put on water this hydrogen and helium atmosphere would surely float.

But it’s not the atmosphere that really excites me the most,

It’s the ring around Saturn that makes up the planets belt

Even though Saturn is the strangest, Uranus is complicated too

Because just like earth, its complexion is vibrant and blue

Neptune slightly more massive, also is too

But it’s the rings that make the farthest planet sing

My trip across the galaxy greater than any dream

And my eyes have seen things greater than any natural scene

Now I know the essence of joy and the happiness that it brings

My trip across the Galaxy, what a beautiful thing.