Like a message in a bottle drifting across the sea
I received a dream last night that terribly vexed me.
An angel came unto my mist with a soothing sensation I will never forget.
The angel spoke firmly and said my last day on earth is very near; he explained not to be scared but to embrace the supernatural migration that is finally here. 
The angel gave me a day to live and said after that you will have nothing to fear.  I woke up with a tear.
I called my son and told him to come to my home.  It was early in the morning and he sounded sleepy on the phone.
He finally said he will come around noon.  I asked that his whole family to be present, for I had a message to give all of them.
When they were all present, I announced my death
And explained to them I wouldn’t have made it without their help
I thanked my son and his wife for seeing me through all the adversity in my life.
My son did not believe I was going to die
But when I told him about my dream last night he bent over me and started to cry
Screaming it’s not true, I will not die.
I grabbed his moist face and told him it was my time. 
89 years I’ve experienced joy in my life for 51 years I shared love with my wife
Even though she died years ago and left me all alone, I can still feel her presence when I listen to our favorite song.
It meant so much to me when I first cuddled you into bed
Because the doctor said your mother and I would never have a kid.
From building blocks and playing in the sand
You have come a long way growing from a boy to a man
But I have something to tell you that I couldn’t say over the phone
I’d had this for years but to you I have never shown.
This is something I had for you since you were five
Now open up my hand to see the jewel inside.
Yes, a fully symmetrical diamond that I found off the shore
I was in South Africa on a world tour.
I know there are many questions why I did what I did
But I told your mother the 90 million dollar jewel should go to you and your kids
Take care of your money my son for generations to come
Besides love there is no greater gift given from a father to a son
Now go and never look back while my feelings are at ease
While I close my eyes and enter the eternity of peace.