Never Give up on your dreams

I know that this is a cliché phrase, but it’s more important than you think.  To never give up means to pursue something diligently without ever stopping.  Despite pain and adversity you should  always continue on your unique path and not be swayed off course.  It’s a  “ I’m not afraid to die on a treadmill” type of concept.( If we are racing on a treadmill either you’re getting off first or I’m going to die trying to win)  I’m not saying try to kill yourself on a treadmill, but to merely make all attempts to reach your unique goal no matter the set backs. More people need to hear and apply this phrase to their life, simply because striving for any goal worth going after is difficult and time consuming in itself.  The reason why there is so much failure and narrow vision in the world today is because people give up to quickly.  Having heart and perseverance is rarely seen amongst  the people of today; it’s almost like people are losing their drive to become great and meaningful in life.  Now don’t misunderstand me, many people around the world can’t find their way to freedom due to a government control or religious persecution, but nevertheless there are still millions of people out there who have the opportunity to live a successful and  better life.   I have come to realize that opportunity is all around us, but so many people lack the necessary preparation to grab and ride the wave of opportunity.  There are times when we start off strong, but more than often we give up too easily.  We must not give up quickly if we want to accomplish anything in life.  If you Faint in the Day of Adversity, Your Strength is Small Proverbs 24:10

What is opportunity? Opportunity is an appropriate or favorable time or occasion. When you so much as sniff at a new opportunity venture then you’d better grab it because you never know what can come from it. It’s not so much as people failing to find the jobs and careers they want in life as it’s more that people are missing out on great opportunities because they  lack preparation and drive.  If you want something in life then go after it with all your might, and even if by chance that you don’t reach your goals you are already better than 90% of people out there in the world because you actually tried.  There’s a great quote that I want to share that greatly inspired me. “Why should your sky’s be the limits when there’s foot prints on the moon”~ Uknown. So you have no excuse to not be great and successful at what you shoot for.  I encourage all my readers to not accept anything less than greatness for the your life because you deserve the best.