Peaceful air and spiritual serenity
A hidden wind surrounds my flesh
The Skyline is magnificent, beyond beautiful
A blanket of blue movable textures we call the sea
My eyes gloomed and glared at the coming moon light
All alone I dropped to my knees and surrendered my life’s fight
I closed my eyes to let my mind take me where my eyes could not show
Above the clouds I ask God to take me where my mind could not go
I saw a land of crystal reflecting my image and the sky was white as snow
My feet laid upon smooth ground and my hair glowed
I knelt down and began to pray
Until I heard a powerful voice begin to say
I have heard you cry and I have heard you pray
Now its time my son for me to take your pain away
I woke up feeling spiritually refreshed
For I knew I have just been blessed
I began walking the beach by myself
Only to see footprints of someone else
It’s like we joined together and he inherited me
God walked with me through the good times and through the bad times, he carried me