In this day in age, the world as we know it is filled with many complainers; if you work at any type of job, I’m pretty sure you will find a few people who complain all the time about everything. As a culture we have indirectly trained ourselves to complain about things we can’t control or change. Although it’s true, we can’t change everything and many things are out of our control, but we can surely change ourselves and create a new way of thinking or perception about the problems we face. So how do we stop complaining about things we have no control over? You must first start to deprogram your mind frame. If you’re used to seeing the glass half empty, it’s time to see the glass half full. Most complainers are negative thinkers and usually live in a perpetual cycle of procrastination and inaction. When you complain about things you actually give your power away because what you’re indirectly saying is that you can’t do anything about your problem, so Instead of you having the problem, the problem has you. I challenge all my readers today to stop complaining over what you can’t change and to take action. Complaining is more of a passive type of energy that does not render any such profit. So in other words, just complaining will not change your unique situation. For example, if you complain about going to a job that you absolutely hate then that type of passive energy and the bad job will continue to be a highlight in your life at that point in time. This is why it’s so important to stay positive in life regardless of the adversity you face. You must always try to maintain hope and faith in dark situations otherwise your heart will begin to weaken and you will give up and complain. So if you hate your job, why not change your paradigm of thinking and see your job as a bridge instead of a tyrant holding you back. Think of your job as a partner, you do what they require of you and they pay you for your services, but in the meantime look for other jobs or plan to start you own business. There are two types of people in this world, people who complain and people who do something about it. I hope you would choose the latter because taking action is your only hope for real change to occur in your life. When you take action you’re directly saying despite what I’m going thru I have an ultimate plan that I will see through no matter the circumstances. Ultimately, you must view everything as an opportunity and a stepping stone to get to your next level in life. So please do me and everyone else around you a favor, STOP COMPLAINING AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.