What it takes to really change

Just about everyone knows that is takes about three weeks for change to really occur in a person’s life. We are all creatures of habit, so it takes time to break one habit and create another one, but how do we really break a habit and change for the better? How do we exactly do what we say? What I’ve come to learn is that what you say does not hold much water in the beginning of your process to change, so get that out of your head. It’s all about what you do not what you don’t that creates change. The meaning of change from my viewpoint is changing a course of action for a particular amount of time. So if you want to change anything in your life then change your patterns. Yes, like I’ve stated before in different articles, change first starts in the mind, but also take note that you can change your mind completely and still be in the same situation because you failed to take action. So what’s really the best way to create change in your life? First you have to get used to changing things in your daily routine. If you usually wake up at 7:00 am then set your alarm clock back an hour to 6:00am. If you run three miles daily then try to pump it up to 5 miles. If you’re a shy person and have a hard time talking to people, then start interacting with two or three new people a day. Ultimately, you have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable because that’s exactly what change is all about. From making these minor changes, you’re suggestively training your body and mind to endure change on a small, but consistent level. Next you need to try to pursue your initial goal (The habit that you want to change) to the best of your abilities and not stop until you achieve victory. To be completely honest with you, most of the time it takes longer than three weeks to fully change, so don’t harbor on a three week goal, just take as much time  needed to obtain your short term goal. The third step to help you really change something is to truly welcome a new lifestyle or way of thinking into your life. In other words, you have to literally jump to a different level in your life and never look back. You have to become something that you’re not familiar with, and make it a constant new personality trait or characteristic that you live by. Now if you knock  these simple steps out in your life, then you will surely be on your way to making a real change, and then and only then will what you  say really start to hold water.