The Harsh reality of giving up

Have you ever giving up on something? Do you often walk away from unfinished projects? Do you have a hard time just finishing tasks in general? Well this article will shed light on the harsh reality of giving up. The difference between great and good is almost like the difference between night and day. To be great means to do whatever it is that you do better than most in your particular field. But no matter the talent or skill-set, the underlying reason that separates the good from the great is one’s level of commitment to never giving up. Great people tend to never give up on things  they pursue, therefore they’re usually exceptionally well at anything they put their mind to doing.   In today’s’ world although necessary, your level of intelligence has very little to do with what you will achieve because intelligence in not enough and even taking action is not enough either. The reason why both is not enough is because you may have the right intelligence and you may have the right drive, but life has a way of knocking you down to your knees and the only way to get up is to try again and again. So ask yourself this question, do you have enough guts and stamina to get up and try again after you have failed. Michael Jordan said it best “I failed my way to the top.” You see despite his adversity, Michael decided to never give up even when failure, embarrassment, or defect knocked at his door. Life is full of test that come to us seasonally and if we start something and give up then we will not advance to the next level in our life. We will actually be hunted with regret and resentment for not finishing what we started; maybe not today or tomorrow, but sometime in your life you will regret not making that decision that you should have made or pursuing that dream that you should have pursued. Folks this is the harsh reality of giving up, it’s ten times worse than failing at something because at least you finished it through. On a broader level, I’d rather you start and fail at ten businesses then to fail at one and just quit. You see, failing actually makes you stronger because it gives you a chance to analyze and learn from your mistakes and to ultimately choose a different path or direction; you actually expand your horizon through failure. But if you give up, then you will rob yourself of much needed growth and will stay in the same condition for the rest of your life or at least until you decide to try again. So become a great finisher in life by never giving up.