The Power of Certainty


The power of certainty and knowing what’s at hand is stronger than confidence and hope. Sometimes you have to really believe that’s something is going to happen so much that instead of hoping and wishing you start to prepare for the inevitable. Imagine if more people proactively adopted this belief system, “The power of certainty and knowing,” then more of us would reach our unique dreams. You see the problem with dreams is that most people don’t believe in themselves and don’t think there’s a possibility of their dreams ever coming true, so many people start to write checks that they cannot cash. (Talking about achieving dreams that they don’t believe in) I guess some people just like to hear themselves speak. Do you know any? I challenge every person reading today to start changing their belief systems. Instead of saying I don’t know how I’m going to achieve my dreams, start proclaiming that you know without a doubt that you will achieve all your dreams and that you’re currently on course, even if that’s not remotely true because what we say, we start believing and eventually what we believe we start to do. The power of certainty is always followed by confidence and action. It’s like you’re a lost at sea on a six foot raft and you see an island in the distance so you start pedaling or swimming toward that island with all your might because you know your freedom is on that island. This is how we must visualize our dreams and goals. Visualization is one of the most powerful forms of expressing faith and certainty, so if you have a big imagination always try to keep it because without imagination is hard to see yourself doing anything different. I challenge you to take 30 minutes out of you day to meditate on your dreams. I want you to picture yourself carrying out that dream whether it’s speaking in front of a large crowd or playing professional basketball or football, just imagine yourself doing it. I don’t care if you have to walk around your house and reenact it as if you were auditioning for a movie, just do it. You must prepare yourself for what’s coming and let the God reward you for your strong faith.

Next, it’s time to take action, but not just any action, effective action. You must take action as if you already know the outcome, and can smell victory. When you live by this belief system your faith will be that much stronger and the universe will have no choice but to give you what you desire. Now Okay if your family and friends think that you’re excessive or insane then you’re on the right path because every highly successful person had to deal with people telling them that they were eccentric and would never achieve their dreams. You see folks no one will care more about your dream than you, and if it takes looking stupid or being poor at certain points in your life then do so with the utmost confidence because great rewards will always speak louder than someone’s opinion of you. So be diligent in all your woks and let the power of certainty guide you to your destiny.