Sometimes its hard to give your very best, but it’s important to understand that greatness lives in your best work. So even though it’s painful and may seem impossible, you have to strive for greatness at all costs if you want to reach what success means to you.




Important as the rise of our dependable sun
If ever there was a poem to remember, this would surely be the one
From the lowest of terrains, to the highest cloud floating in the sky
Life is nothing more than a game of inches that we play until we die
It’s these inches that create the bumps in the road when we drive
It’s these inches that can determine whether you live or you die
It’s these inches that make even the strongest person cry
It’s these inches that when faced with adversity you still will get by
It’s these inches that separate the strong from the weak
It’s these inches that keep us dreaming when we sleep
It’s the inches of life that surrounds us all
And the accumulation of these inches determines whether we rise or we fall
So what do you want, what do you want to pursue?
What is the meaning of your life, and what does success mean to you?
Life is all about inches so strive for what you want
Inch by inch day by day month by month
It’s those who really want it that fight for that inch
Through their rough hands and dripping sweat they are willing to lose their life for that inch
They will crawl parallel to the ground and try with all their might for that inch
For they know the rewards of success; they realize the advantage behind going that extra inch
You see, this is the difference between those who are serious and those who are not
The difference between who will keep going and who will stop
Who are you? Are you the person who’s satisfied with mediocrity?
Why don’t you climb a mountain top only to look down and you will see
Look at your life, look where you are, is this where you want to be?
If not look at the inches that’s separating you from your unique success
Now strive for those few inches and use every muscle in your body until there is no more energy left inside of you
Then and only then you will find your success.