Why do so many chase what we so call love? Why are so many fooled by the false accusation that this particular word brings? Is love greater in the summer or does it flourishes in the spring? Why should I love knowing that it always leads to a broken heart? The things that two can build and prosper together can also be torn apart. So is love an infectious disease waiting to hit or miss? People who have been hurt from love can actually relate to this.

So why should marriage be a symbol of true love when 40 percent fail and the rest can barely stay above? We all live our extended lives day by day, and we all have a choice how we chose to manage love, money, and time.  So why do so many people make senseless decisions that lead to disaster and disappointment is what they ultimately find?

Am I a pessimist or a realist?  That’s a good question to ask at this time, but keep reading as I may lead you in a different direction and change your mind.  Love is healthy; love can actually wake you up in the morning, as well as put you to sleep.  You can choose to embrace love at a shallow point or you can dive in and choose to go deep. Love can be viewed as a two sided variable, both positive and negative. For example, the color of blood is also the color of the dead. So tell me how can violets be blue and roses be red.

Most people do not understand the true power of love.  That’s why most people fail to experience all the power that it carries. Love is waking up next to the same person for twenty years feeling the same, if not stronger love than the beginning. Love should always take on a new chapter in your life; your definition of love should always mature with a new meaning. Love is unconditional, so love when life is easy, love when life his hard. You should never forsake yourself and remember to always love the Lord. Love is happiness it can turn a bad day upside down. Why do so many people fear the power of love, and fail to fall through. Well love is about controlling, compromising, understanding, communicating, and sacrificing which most people fail to do.


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