There are certain truths about picking up and keeping women, that if you follow them accurately you will reap their benefits. I’ve constructed  a top 25 dating  tips for men list that will give you a sure advantage in the dating  world. So sit back and enjoy these helpful tips that could make or break you.


 top 25 dating tips for men


TIP1)  Never give too much of yourself away, save some room for the honeymoon, if you get what I mean.


TIP 2) Wait at least three days before calling a woman for the first time. For God’s sake, give her a little breathing room.


TIP 3)  Practice being a leader, if you’re not already one. If no one is following you, then you’re not a leader.


TIP4)  You must always work on improving yourself. If you’re not going up in life, then you’re slowly going down, there is no middle ground.


TIP5) Have a balanced life outside of dating. Your life should not stop just because you started dating a beautiful woman.


TIP6) Talk less about yourself on a date, and try to engage the woman more. Ask questions that will make her want to talk to you all night. Learn how to ask engaging questions.


TIP7) Never be clingy this is a sure turn off.  Usually clingy guys worship women, which is a Huge NO NO.


TIP8) Always have a plan of action when going on dates.


TIP9) Always appear in control of yourself even when you’re not.


TIP10) Your physical appearance is  important it can make or break you. I hope you like beautiful looking women well news flash; they like handsome looking men.


TIP11) Never appear desperate in anyway!


TIP12) Always look straight and never away; this will give you the appearance of a confident man of good stature.


TIP13) Try to smile more on dates it will actually make you appear more attractive.


TIP14) Never keep calling a number over and over when they don’t pick up the first time, one word, Desperate with a capital D.


TIP15) Never put women on pedestals, you will be sorry if you do.


TIP16) Keep phone conversations down to a minimum in the beginning of a relationship, why show all your cards in the beginning.


TIP17) Never start spending real money on a woman until after three months. Would you shoot a target with smoke in the way?


TIP18)  You should always do something new and different when you are dating, or in a relationship. Would you like watching the same movie over and over again?


TIP19) Keep your texting down to a minimum for the first three months. It’s easier to lie  when you’re texting then it is to lie over the phone or in person.


TIP20) IF you have the money always offer to pay at dinner; hopefully you’re a man and not a little boy.


TIP 21) Never let a woman get her way all the time; this is counter productive and will back fire on you.


TIP22) When in a relationship Pick and choose your battles wisely. You do not need to win every argument, swallow your pride and keep it moving.


TIP 23) Learn how to control your emotions. A man who masters his emotions can easily conquer a city.


Tip 24)  Become a man of your word and never be shaky with your decisions.


TIP 25)   Have fun and work on staying a positive person. Happiness is contagious, especially in a relationship.



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