Top 5 reasons why you suck at sports


Have you ever wondered why some of your friends are good at certain sports and you’re not? Do you want to know the real reason why you suck at sports?  This article is for all the people who suck at sports, but  deep down inside know they have the potential to be as good as the rest or even better.



1st Reason) You lack Confidence:  This is by far the number one reason why people suck at sports.  Playing a sport is just as mentally stimulating as it is physically.  So in other words, you can’t just be physically strong,  you have to be mentally tough as well. With good practice and time your body will naturally change and become stronger, but you will continue to have constant problems if your mind doesn’t follow your physical progress. Ultimately,  If your mind is not ready then you will make more unnecessary  mistakes and end up playing at a lower level. If you want to have great results then you’re going to have to become a more confident player, no exceptions.  When you’re confident you will automatically become bold in what you say and do and will rarely doubt what you think you can achieve. Being confident in your abilities is basically knowing that you have what it takes to win. Most athletes who play sports with confidence tend to do very  well simply because they believe they can. Know and believe you can, not think you can.



2nd Reason) Physical conditioning: Many people suck at sports simply because they are not physically fit.  Let’s take for instance; If  you haven’t been real active for about seven months and expect to play well at any particular sport, then you’re fooling yourself. Before you start any sport whether its for a league or recreational purposes, it’s important to get a least two weeks of adequate practice so that your body can properly adjust.  It takes practice and constant movement to play most sports, so whenever you decide to play an active sport consistently then you’re going to have to get into shape first before you see a significant change in your results.



3rd Reason) You’re too hard on yourself This goes hand and hand with lack of confidence.  Many people have a hard time with sports simply because they blame themselves for everything.  Even if you suck at a particular sport and labeled the worse person on the team never  put yourself down. Keep a positive mindset about your abilities even if they are  not better than the next person.



4th Reason) You compare yourself to others: This is a common problem with people playing sports. Everybody wants to be like the next person. For example, maybe your friend can shoot a basketball better than you or your wife can swim faster than you, so you start to focus more on your friend and wife instead of yourself. This is counterproductive and can really hurt how you play sports. When you are trying to improve in a particular sport then you must focus on yourself and not worry about other people.


5th Reason) You hate to practice: There’s no getting around this; you will never acquire mastership at anything if you don’t but first practice.  There is no difference when it comes to playing sports. If you want to be good at a sport then it’s going to take practice and time. If you are not willing to put in the necessary work that is needed then you will never be good at it, point blank. Nobody ever just woke up and was excellent at a particular sport; indeed some people are naturals, but they will rarely beat someone who has taken the time to master the sport.


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