Many women in today’s society have such a hard time finding the so called perfect guy.  Either the guy has problems or he’s not quite what the woman envisioned.  Over the past 20 years standards for women have changed.  Nowadays is seems like a  guy has to have  money, a great personality, a sense of adventure, expensive clothes , sing well , and look like Brad Pitt or Denzel Washington in order to be considered a catch .  In this article I explain the top four reasons why you haven’t found the right guy.



Reason 1 Your Dreaming Women of today are becoming huge day dreamers; they think their knight and shining amour will come and rescue them and ultimately they will live happily ever after. That may have been the case 2,000 years ago, but nowadays great men are rare.  You’re just not going to get that type of quality anymore, there will be flaws and imperfections in the men you choose, some more than others.  The problem with women is that their expectations are too high for the times we are living in.  More and more women are disappointed when their guy falls short of their expectations.  I’m sorry  to say but the times where men really honor their women like opening car  doors, giving you his coat when you’re cold, paying for dinner on the first date and staying strictly committed to you and his family are slowly dying away. I believe chivalry will be a thing of the past in 20 years, just saying. I encourage women to stop dreaming and lower their expectations, and they will be more open to snagging a modern day guy who is still a good guy.


Reason 2  High StandardsNow there’s nothing wrong with having standards because it filters out the losers from the winners, but having high standards can also wash away good guys who have the potential to be great for you.  Many women pass up guys daily simply because their standards are too high and they can’t see past the guys’ mishaps. How many good guys have you passed up simply because they didn’t fit the personal standards that you have set?  Now like I’ve just mentioned, I do understand the importance of having standards, but if a guy is close to meeting all your standards, but lacks in a particular area, don’t just cross him out that easily because you may be missing out. Now be sensible and know that I’m talking about areas that you can personally deal with or have him improve on.  Try to keep an open mind and a flexible personality when dating because what he lacks in one thing he may excel in another.  Remember, some times what you ultimately need doesn’t come in the package you want.


Reason 3 Looking in the wrong places Women can’t find the perfect guy because they are constantly looking in the wrong places.  If you want to date a doctor or lawyer then they are probably not going to hang out in a club or bar setting. If you want something that you never had before then you’re going to have to do something that you’ve never done before. I challenge you to change your scenery up a little. Go to new restaurants, sign up for professional meet up groups in your city; try eloquent clubs that may be out of your comfort zone, and go on new adventures in your life. For some women, it’s not that they can’t get men, it’s just that they don’t expose themselves enough.



Reason 4 Same Man Syndrome  So many women find themselves trapped with the same man syndrome, where they acquire new men, but still deal with the same old problems.  When you decide that you want a different type of guy then you’re going to have to change your entire paradigm of thinking and approach.  For example: If you ‘re tired of bad boys and long for a nice man with less drama, then you had better know that the two are totally different and if your mind frame is not conditioned correctly, you will fail because you are not ready to receive that type of guy.  This is a constant problem across the nation. Women stay stuck in a perpetual cycle of abuse that seems to never end until they truly decide to change a part of them in order to receive something new.  The easiest way to defeat the same man syndrome is to kill the old you and have an open mind for something new.