These are the top six reasons why couples part ways. Enjoy!


Selfishness The average person is somewhat selfish and usually want things to go their way most of the time. No matter who you are or where you’re from, you will have your own share of selfish moments. Even though it’s Okay to be a little selfish, it’s definitely not good to be too selfish. There will always be some give and take when it comes down to having a successful relationship, remember that. A little unselfishness and open mindedness will get you far in a relationship every time. Sometimes the other person want’s must override what you currently want or need to do, and you will find that being unselfish toward your significant other will be more profitable to you than before.


Sacrifice This is apart of being selfish.  For a relationship to work out successfully, couples have to sacrifice their time, needs, love, money, and wants. Sacrifice is so important and vital when it comes down to a  relationship. Let’s face it sacrifice can be hard business  if not practiced regularly. The key to sacrificing in a relationship is to have an open mind toward activities that can take you out of your comfort zone. If you don’t sacrifice in a relationship, you will be single faster than you can say, “I’m lonely”.


Past Anxiety Many couples have anxiety issues about what will happen next in their relationship. Most of the time it’s because of past relationships that have not been worked out internally. Some couples get so side tracked with trying to make sure past relationships don’t repeat themselves, that they forget they are in a completely different relationship with a completely different person.


Routine- We are naturally prone to habits and patterns, but this can kill the life of a relationship if we don’t take into consideration the negative affects of boredom. Too many people become comfortable in relationships too fast. Be unpredictable, try to be less banal in your relationship endeavors. For further information on this topic, please read my article ” How to overcome boredom in a Relationship”


Money Lets face it; money can alter the direction of your relationship faster than you can say I’m broke. “You can’t make love on an empty belly”, remember that. Sorry to say, sometimes having a nice income flow is more important than the relationship itself.  Be responsible, and don’t be that couple that ended their relationship because of financial issues.


Sex Yes this is indeed important, sex is like an AC unit when its working right it feels good and there are no complaints, but as soon as the AC unit fails to work properly then that’s when the sweaty problems begin. If you are not performing well in the sex department I encourage you to work on it asap.  Depending on your problem try medication, books, or other tactics that will increase sex performance and desire.


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