Top three reasons why you were Friend zoned

Have you ever wondered why some of the women that you truly want end up being your good friend? What I’ve come to find is that most of a woman’s male friends either secretly or openly liked her at one point in time, but was never able to close the deal.  I answer hundreds of questions related to this topic a year ,so I feel as though this article is right on time.  Please put your seats in their upright positions and get ready to be informed.



Reason #1 You’re Afraid:  Unfortunately, this is the main reason guys get friend zoned. Many guys are afraid to pursue women in fear of rejection so they settle for being a friend instead of something more. It is a “get in where I fit in concept.” Sadly these guys believe if a woman just gets to know them that she will somehow start liking them, this is why it is so important to show confidence in the beginning. You have to know what you want and use your confidence within to project it outwardly. Never be afraid to express your feelings for a woman when you first meet her. If you like her then tell her you like her without hesitation, and if she rejects you then keep it moving on to the next woman. Never settle for friendship with a woman that you like if you cannot close the deal the first time because you will eventually become resentful and bitter.


Reason #2  You act like a Friend:  This is another good reason so many guys are friend zoned. Many guys do not know what it means to pursue a woman. When out on the first few dates, let it be known that you are not the friend type, by holding her hands, touching her in intimate ways, and possibly kissing her without permission. Never be afraid to make the first move because it instantly separates you from someone who is a friend and someone who’s not. Let your date know through your actions that you have no intention on being her friend and it is either one way or the highway. When you’re deep into the dating stage remember to stay spontaneous and confident. Many guys fail in the first two months of dating because they become comfortable with the relationship too soon and make little boy mistakes; such as telling her they are in Love, not taking the lead, texting and talking on the phone too much, and ultimately making her the center of their life.


Reason#3  You can’t handle rejection-  Hands down every woman you come across isn’t going to like you. There are over four billion women on this planet that may or may not give you the time of day, and if you ask me, I think the odds are definitely in your favor. Many guys don’t handle rejection very well, so they will either not pursue a woman directly or they will become her best friend in hopes of one day getting a chance to have her. Not if, but when you get rejected because it will happen, then politely walk away and go after another beautiful woman. Never waste time on one woman who doesn’t like you because you can always find someone else who will treat you like the man that you deserve to be treated as. Ultimately when you learn how to handle rejection better, then you will save yourself a ton of wasted time and embarrassment. Check out my rejection video” overcoming rejection” for more help