The New Year is has finally arrived, 2013 is over and 2014 has just begun. It’s time to wash away everything you did last year because it doesn’t exist anymore and get ready to take on the New Year. Any mistakes you made or setbacks you had last year should be considered water under the bridge. In this article I talk about the top three things to change in the New Year.



1st Change your Physical Condition:  If you’re already a workout junkie then that’s great, continue to stay fit and healthy, but if you’re not then 2014 is a good year to start.  Contrary to popular belief, many physical and mental illnesses can be cured by simply working out multiple times a week.  You must understand that your body is a unique vessel that needs to be taken care of properly.  When you begin to work out you jump start your entire bodily system and force every organ to start working an optimal levels again. Instead of exercising, many people just eat, sleep, and go to work and are surprised when they face weight and health problems.  The mental and physical the problems we face sometimes, do indeed have logical reasons other than staying fit, but for the most part,  many mental or physical issues can be avoided if we choose to keep an active lifestyle.


2nd Change the way you think:  Everything that you do is first created in your mind. Your mind is your central processing unit that processes incoming and outgoing data.  Every command must first be made in the mind before you can physically carry it out. The most effective way to change anything is to first create a change in your mind. First you need to make a decision and next in an ” Fake it until you make it way, become that person.  In your mind you have to create an atmosphere where both Clark Kent(Old you) and Superman(New you) are present. You’re not quite Superman yet and you’re not quite Clark Kent anymore. In other words, you’re in a personal transitional period. I encourage anybody reading this to write down the type of person you want to be this year then spend every day practicing to become that person until its second nature to you and becomes a part of who you are as a person. Changing the way you think is never easy, so expect setbacks at times. If you look at it, all that you are really doing is swapping one habit for another. Human beings operate  in the realm habits and cycles so if you want something to stay with you then you have to make it a routine or habit. This is why doing something once or twice then stopping for a while will not help change or create a new you; it has to become a routine and something that you practice every day no matter the external or internal adversity.

3rd Change your hobbies: Changing your hobbies needs to become your new yearly ritual. You must get into the habit of doing things completely different and out of your comfort zone, and what could be more out of your comfort zone then starting a new hobby.   In 2014, I challenge you to start a new hobby in your life. For example, if you’ve never played golf and always thought about it then it’s time to buy some clubs and sign up for some golf lessons; or if you‘ve always wanted to learn how to sow a blanket together then it’s time to buy yourself a needle and thread.  Changing your hobby can consist of anything from reading more in your spare time to taking flying lessons for the first time, don’t limit yourself. Creating a new hobby in your life is not only a good idea, but an excellent health choice as well. Not only does a hobby expand your life style, but it can also help with depression, memory, and boredom.

Remember to start your new year off strong and with conviction to change something in your life. Most New Year’s resolutions are broken because people usually don’t have a clear picture of what they are trying to change. So make sure you write down a detailed plan for the entire year and stick with it even if you fail sometimes.