Are you valuable enough to make the big bucks

Everyone wants to be rich or make a considerable amount of yearly income, but the truth is most people don’t understand how the value system works. Value- the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. So you want to make great money or even be rich, but I want you to ask yourself how valuable do you think you’re? In most cases, many companies pay their employees based off of how valuable they’re to the company. Basically, the more valuable you’re the more money you receive. Saying this, it you want to be wealthy or financially free then you’re going to have to produce value and become worth somebody’s time and money. So lose the fantasy of becoming an instant millionaire and find out what it really takes to increase your value and gain great income. I’m not saying don’t dream, but you must also have a practical and realistic plan to follow. It’s not enough speaking it; you have to actually do it. So how do you increase your value? Although a broad question, the best way to increase your value at anything is to become the best in that particular field. Make yourself so valuable and unique that it would hurt an organization if they fire you or if you have a business make your services so great and unparalleled that people will miss you if you go. Truthfully, people will not give you the time of day in any regards unless for charity, if you’re not valuable to them. So if you need to get a degree in a particular subject to gain mastery then do so. If you need to increase your knowledge in marketing to expand your business then do so. If you need to work on your communications skills to become more successful at your job, then do so. Ultimately, your objective is to find out what people need (what’s in demand) and become the best or most unique at giving that service. How do you start? You must go ahead and separate yourself from the masses now and work diligently at becoming great. Always remember unless you win the lottery, inherit a large amount of income, or  your parents pass you their business, you will have to create value before you can see any type of financial success.