Why Antidepressants don’t cure depression

 Based on U.S. statistics more than 20 million Americans suffer from depression, and that just what’s on record.  Zoloft and Prozac have become the leading medication for anxiety and depression.  It’s an epidemic if you ask me, and the rate that the U.S. is going chances are we are all headed down a large hill. Although antidepressants have been proven to work, they are still far from the cure. Five out of six people taking antidepressants still suffer from depression. So what do antidepressants actually do for you?  Well besides the negative side effects, antidepressants  are used to help maintain depression by stabilizing your mood swings.  So in essence they help manage your problem, not cure it. 

     To cure depression you have to have a plan of action. Depression is really nothing but a bunch of negative thoughts that have not been dealt with.  Imagine a bird landing on your head in the middle of the day. If you’re not paying attention, then the bird will land on your head safely for about two seconds before you start freaking out over the whole situation.  The bird landing on your head is the epitome of how your thoughts operate. Now imagine a bird having enough time to build a nest on your head.  If you’re relatively conscience, I don’t think you would let that go down properly.  Now the bird building a nest on your head represents a bunch of negative thoughts built up over time.  So let’s summarize my metaphor a little here. Folks, you can’t stop every bad thought from entering your head, but you can stop them from building up and causing more problems.  Now don’t get me wrong here some depression doesn’t come from a bunch of negative thoughts, rather from unforeseen circumstances that can tear your emotions apart quickly. The good news is that no matter what comes our way, we still have the mental capacity to decide how it will affect us. Now I will be fair here and say that some people actually do need to be medicated due to imbalances in their brain that they can’t control, but for the most part people stay depressed because they don’t know how to change their paradigm of thinking.Ultimately, other then chronic or uncontrollable serious chemical issues, depression is usually a reaction to a root problem or situation in life and if we really try hard enough, we can change for the better. Below are a few traits that will help you get out of depression and live a happier life.

Key Traits:

  • Stay positive– Try to stay happy and content with whatever you do.
  • Be Grateful– Be grateful for what you have and who you are.
  • Pray often– It doesn’t matter who you pray to, but praying has been known to reduce stress.
  • Be Social– Most people who are anti-social suffer from depression the worst.
  • Exercise– Exercising is very important and has been proven countless amounts of times that it’s the perfect weapon against stress and depression.
  • Eat right– People who eat better have more energy and seldom suffer from depression. Incorporate fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.


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