Just about everything in the world is balanced in one way or another. Your car has to correctly balanced in order for you to drive, a building has to be balanced correctly so it will not fall, and your brain chemistry has to be balanced in order for you to operate properly. Well just like those things, our lives must be well balanced in order for us to function correctly.  Have you ever heard of the phrase,”Too much of anything is not good”. Well it’s true! When we do something excessively it directly and indirectly becomes an addiction. Okay, so there are good and bad addictions,  but when it starts to take away from other parts of your life that could produce positive results is when there is a problem. Everything in the Universe is pretty much balanced. Stars are born and they die, some planets are warm others are cold. There are supernovas and there are black holes. In other words, the universe is nothing more than a well balanced cycle.Have you ever heard that there is a season for everything? There will be days when you are sad, and there will be days when you are happy. Being  happy all the time may seem good, but in reality it’s not. There will be times when you have to mourn or cry with a friend. 

    Most people experience hardship in their life because they are out of balance. Maybe they party too much and not work enough. Maybe they work too much and not party enough. Maybe they spend too much time at work and not enough at home with their family. Maybe they put to much time into their significant other and not enough into themselves. Maybe they play too many video games and not focus on other parts of their lives. Maybe they spend too much time with their friends. Maybe they spend too much time with their family. You get the point. Balancing our lives can become one of the most important things we can learn while on this earth. Everything flows right when you are balanced; you will become a more well rounded person, and believe it or not, people will start to look up and depend on you. To be perfectly honest with you, many people let their love ones and friends down because they are too indulged in other aspects of their life, and don’t make the necessary time for them. Try to stay well balanced, if you eat too much; then exercise while you are at it. If you’re always busy and stressed then try to take a day off and relax. In a nut shell, being a balanced person will help you over come the many obstacles that life throws at you so good luck.

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