In this article I will explain to you why you should never lose hope and strive for greatness in your life. All too often, hope comes and goes in our lives.  One day we are full of life and hopeful, and the next we are down and depressed. I guess the biggest question here is how can we sustain a hopeful attitude during hard times?  Well just like all improvement techniques, you have to learn how to change something. Key word change, yes you must change your perception on things in order to change from one habit to another. Point blank, we indirectly and directly govern ourselves by the habits we create and keep. Now let’s talk about how changing your perception changes your outlook on life. You must realize that life has its fair share of good times and bad times. It doesn’t matter how evil or good you are, chance happens to us all. In a way somehow, we all get a chance to be great. To be honest with you, nowadays life is about choices. You can actually choose to have a good life or you can just to have a bad life. Knowing this type of personal power should encourage you to change your life if need be. We must realize that we are going to be happy and joyful at times, but we must also realize that we will be sad and have to mourn at times. So if we know and understand this then there is indeed hope for us.

There are many God made laws that man often forget about, one is, “You reap what you sow”.  In other words if you plant a seed then there will always be a harvest. Furthermore, what you do now determines what you will have later. For example, if you’re a negative person and never see the brighter side on anything then that’s exactly how your life will turn out. If you’re planting negative seeds in your life then you will have a negative harvest. Okay so back to the main question, how do we sustain hope in this world? You have to see what most people do not see. You have to see the sunshine in all situations. More importantly, you have to believe that there can be a sunshine in all situations. Our circumstances have a way of killing our hopes and dreams. You have to be above your circumstances and command your morning, afternoon, and evening. Gravity is an absolute law that is always in place yet airplanes break that every day.  Human beings are not made to swim deep into the ocean, yet we have submarines that can go deeper than 1800 ft and stay underwater for months. People, its called improvised manipulation, and life is no different. Life will hit you hard despite what you do, but by hoping and having faith that things will get better or that you will reach your goal is just like the airplane and submarine. You will be able to do great things in your life if you just believe and stay hopeful in all situations.