Your relationship was beautiful in the beginning.  You rarely fought over anything and every problem seemed like a quick fix. The sex was good and on time.  Everything was so light and fun, but now two years later everything about your once beautiful relationship has changed.  The relationship is no longer fun; you argue almost everyday, sex is almost non existent, and routine is the best word to describe your current lifestyle. What happened? Where did your great relationship go? The average  attention span of a person is about 40 minutes, and anything after that is counted as trash information( Goes in one ear and out the other) The average infatuation period in a relationship last around six months depending on the chemistry. 

     Truth be told, people experience boredom in relationships more often then not. The negative affects of boredom can tear a relationship apart faster than you can say I’m bored. Boredom usually sets in when one or two people become comfortable when they are in the relationship, and are not willing to produce anything new.   Sorry folks, but for a relationship to last you have to avoid boredom at all cost. Let’s face it, people get bored with one another all the time. If you think about it, a relationship is like a little boy with a toy. When he first get’s the toy he’s very excited and plays with it all the time, but when that toy get’s old then he no longer plays with it as much as he did in the beginning; the boy is ready to trade his old toy in for something new.  The trick to keeping the little boy interested in his toy is to provide expansion packs and add- on units. In other words, you have to keep adding something new to his toy that will re-spark his interest.

It’s no different when it comes to relationships, you have to constantly provide add-ons and expansion packs to your relationship in order to keep it healthy.  Many people experience relationship droughts because they have become complacent.  People must realize that the only reason their relationship was so fun and exciting in the beginning was because things were new and fresh. Keep your relationship fresh and new then your path to overcoming boredom will be easier and reachable. Go out to new restaurants, travel to new places, surprise him or her more, buy gifts that you normally would not buy, and stay doing things that are out of both of your comfort zone.   Now don’t get me wrong, I never said boredom will not come because yes it will. You just have to be creative enough to fight it off when it comes.  You must realize that no matter how hard you work on a relationship there are times when couples need time to themselves, and unfortunately there are times when a small break is best for both parties. I have learned that many relationships start to die out because both people lack creativity and desire to keep it going.  Treat your relationship like your own business, and have a plan of action for growth and even failure.

Because you have read this article,(why your relationship is boring) it’s now your responsibility to change the direction of your relationship if needed.  Do something new and exciting that you both will love. There’s nothing like sharing a hobby with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Good Luck and Stay Alert because most couples don’t even know that their relationship is dying.

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